Draft of Quaker Cloud website for NYM

Communications Committee is leading the effort to create a new website for NYM using FGC’s Quaker Cloud platform. Based on feedback from Friends, our priorities are (1) provide up-to-date contact information for committees and clerks, (2) make it easy to find information, (3) make the site relevant for us and for the public, and (4) offer private sites for committees and concerns to connect and archive.

View the NYM Quaker Cloud Site DRAFT Layout
This is a PDF of a proposed layout, with working links. Explore! All feedback is welcome.

  • Do you like to write? We could use some help creating relatively short bits of text for many of the pages. Text can be copied from the existing site, edited  or rewritten.
  • Would you like to browse the existing site for content to carry over? It would be great to have a few people look through the posts and note what’s still relevant.
  • Do you have images or photos to contribute? We can spice up the site.

Please email the Web Clerk (Vicki) if you’re interested in helping, or if you have feedback.

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