Beloit Friends Meeting State of Society 2014

2013-14 State of Society Report
Beloit Monthly Meeting

Dear Northern Yearly Meeting Friends,

Scott Crom, one of the founding members of the Beloit Monthly Meeting died in August 2013. The living room of the Crom family home was our place of worship for forty years. With Scott and his wife Nancy now both passed on and the house being emptied, it became necessary for us to seek a new Meeting place.

We, members and attenders of Beloit Monthly Meeting, have moved into a new worship space on the campus of Beloit College. We have grieved the loss of one of our founding members, and his home, but we are finding, in our new home, the same loving, guiding Spirit among us that we found in the old—the people and surroundings change, but the living water from which we drink continues to flow.

While we leave room in our hearts to honor those who have passed on, we also make room to welcome those who are meant to find us and journey with us now. There is a renewed energy among us, as students, faculty, visitors, and members join us on First Days in meeting for worship. The Meeting has welcomed a new member this year, and has been asked to offer clearness for a couple considering marriage. We celebrate the intergenerational bonds of Love we feel for one another as a Spirit-fed community, and ask if there are further ways we can deepen our ties with the College and with the broader community. Is there something more we are called to do corporately in outreach or service?

We are thankful to be allowed to continue meeting in worship together, now in our new campus home. As we listen together to the Spirit, we seek to be faithful to its promptings, in our individual and corporate lives.

In Friendship,

Beloit Monthly Meeting of Friends

Statistics and Activity Summary

The attendance at Meeting for worship generally ranges between 5 to 14.
There are no infants, preschoolers, or K-12 children in regular attendance.

Though we are few in number, we have added a monthly Meeting for Conversation to allow for talking together about matters of importance to us and our world. We have several Peer Groups that meet regularly to provide a time for deeper listening, sharing, and praying together in small groups. We have occasional gatherings for things like an annual Christmas hymn sing and for sharing of members’ spiritual projects/programs. We supported one of our members in representing NYM for a month last summer as an “intern” with the El Salvador Yearly Meeting, working in its two Quaker Schools as a resource to their English Language programs.

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