Bismarck Friends Meeting State of Society 2014

Size: There are 5 to 6 friends and attenders in the Bismarck Worship Group who attend the faith and practice discussions and Meeting for Worship.

Challenges: are coordinating and balancing faith and practice discussions with Meeting for Worship and adjusting to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and Church’s schedules and the need to do issues of business.

Meeting for Business: We have had no formal Meetings for Business during 2013.

Financial Status: Financial structures are unknown at this time.

Regional Gatherings: Some of us are planning to attend Northern Yearly Meeting.

Visitors: Anne S of Northern Yearly Meeting is planning to visit Bismarck Worship Group at the end of May.

Children: There are currently no children in the Meeting.

Diversity: We are aware of the racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation diversities. We have discussed them and feel comfortable with them.

Religious Education: Before Meeting for Worship one of the attenders will bring a quote on a pertinent subject and then we will discuss it using a set of questions developed by the Meeting. During the spring of 2013 we used the Testimonies on the Care of the Earth from Northern Yearly Meeting.

Outreach Services: Some Meeting members have been active with the Alternatives to Violence Program. At this point due to reorganization the State penitentiary has suspended the program, but we are looking into reviving this program. We are also involved in the Voluntary Tattoo Removal Service for former gang members and former prisoners.

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