North Central Worship Group State of Society 2014

MAY, 2014

North Central Wisconsin Worship Group endures. At our twice-monthly meetings we may have eight to sixteen people in attendance. We sit in a circle in the Methodist Church basement and the silence draws us together and lifts our spirits. We have a core group of older adults that have been worshiping together for over 30 years, other faithful attenders 10 years or more, recently a young family has brightened up our Meeting – and we are happy with many guests and sojourners. At our worship, pot-luck suppers and discussions there is comfortable companionship, welcoming and support.

There is in our Group, as we imagine in every Quaker Meeting,the struggle to balance the life of the Spirit and the call to action. Our Group gains energy from our Meeting as we strive to be stewards of the earth, educators in social action issues, active in community service and building community. Examples: John, Paul, Sandy, Jim and Don work at lobbying Congress on climate change, minimum wage, immigration reform; Melissa and Joel work for health care and higher wages for the underpaid; Sandy and Susanna work on sustainable living projects. Don and Linda work for honest journalism in the Owen area. Don has given NCWWG a presence on internet with a FaceBook page, and is our FCNL and Northern Yearly Meeting representative. James’ family is hosting a student from Pakistan for the school year; others work for the United Nations Children’s Fund, Habitat for Humanity, participate in local County Boards, non-profit boards and other faith-based organizations. We sew, write, sing, build, teach for others to share whatever gifts we’ve been granted.

We cherish our connection to Madison Monthly Meeting and Northern Yearly Meeting. Thank you for your support, e-mails, newsletters, care and concern. Last January, we were happy to have a visit from NYM’s Lissa F of Appleton to share and encourage us in faith and action.

One of the highlights of our year was the Spiritual Nurture Retreat. We were happy to host Northern Yearly Meeting members Roger H and John P. Eight of us participated in a program Roger facilitated set to bind us in a supportive spiritual community. Morning and afternoon sessions led to inspired meditation, attentive listening and worship sharing. Our work is carved out for us and we intend to carry through. Thank you, Roger and John.

NCWWG intends to carry on as usual – we have found a home with the generous Methodists, and our core community is stable. We focus on our goal to stay focused in the Light and do what we can for each other and the earth. We invite you to visit when you can – summer is a good time. We have a grand summer picnic at the Lake Alice (not set yet – but contact us if you’d like to come.)

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