Northern Pines Worship Group State of Society 2014

2014 State of Society Report
Northern Pines Worship Group
Under the Care of Eau Claire Friends Meeting

Northern Pines Worship Group has been stable in the past year, though not thriving. We have drawn attenders from four counties, Burnett, Polk, and Washburn in Wisconsin, and Pine in Minnesota. The total population of these counties is about 100,000 in the summer and perhaps 65,000 in the winter.

We have been meeting every other week in Danbury, WI this past year, to facilitate the attendance of a 96 year old attender there. During the summer months we meet at her cabin on Lake Minerva in a screened-in porch surrounded by the beauties of nature. The rest of the year we meet at her family’s home in town, surrounded by beautiful creations of potters and artists. Her daughter and son-on-law are members of Monte Verde Meeting in Costa Rica, and spend two or three months there each year. When Mom stays in Wisconsin, the rest of our community support her with calls, visits, rides and running errands.

Another regular attender, who had been depending on others for rides to meeting for eight years, came into a sizable inheritance and paid back those favors in cash. He also bought a vehicle and so now transports himself. Of course now, with ready transportation and money, he is absent more often, using his newly found mobility.

Our Meeting day changes during the year to adjust to the weekend open schedule of a pottery & gift shop, whose owners are members. So during the summer we meet on Wednesday evenings, and the rest of the year on Saturday mornings, followed by Meeting for Eating potluck. Visitors are always welcome, and can likely be provided overnight accommodations if needed.

Our highly flexible schedule may be confusing to others. But with only six regular attenders it is necessary in order to optimize our attendance. Come visit us and advance our attendance further.

Contact us through Angelika & Jon Shafer at 715-866-5016 or

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