Prospect Hill Friends Meeting State of Society 2014

Prospect Hill Friends Meeting is maintaining a friendly community in which we wait in love for expressions of truth and healing. We meet regularly at the Twin City Friends’ meeting house in St. Paul, on Sunday, at 4 p.m. Although we still have good attendance, our group is smaller and our members are older. Due to these changes, we scheduled our meeting for business in the early afternoon (1–3 p.m.) and changed the meeting for worship to 4 p.m., followed by the program time (4:45–5:30 p.m.). This allows those who find driving home at the darker hours difficult, to leave earlier. In addition, we reduced the need for volunteers, by eliminating the program committee.

In 2013, we enjoyed a wealth of good programs on many Sundays and during our monthly evenings of potluck and socializing, which we call “Third Fridays.” We happily welcomed visitors, including students from nearby colleges. Additional highlights began with a contemplative gathering during our annual retreat at Hospitality Place in February. It was followed in June by our traditional “Slumgullion,” a day of recreation at Raquel and Frank W’s Snake River cabin. Those who attended brought instruments for singing, food for the “Slumgullion” (a soup resembling “stone soup”) and spirit to share with each other in this beautiful natural environment. In October, we met again at Hospitality Place for a retreat to celebrate PHFM’s 30th anniversary and cherished our community by sharing memories, singing and ad hoc acting in humorous sketches. On December 7, Jan Marie L graciously invited us again to Monterey Co-Housing for our annual Holiday Musicale, which included a pot-luck followed by a celebrative talent show. The year culminated, as usual, at Raquel and Frank W’s home for our New Year’s Eve party of game playing and socializing, and half an hour of Meeting for Worship before midnight.

Some of us encouraged the group to participate in their personal joys. In April, Lyn E invited everyone to an evening of game playing in celebration of her birthday; in September, Cynthia B invited everyone to celebrate her 60th birthday with good food and entertainment; and in June, family and friends gathered to recognize Raquel and Frank W on their 60th anniversary. Several of our meeting visited with David S on his 80th birthday in December; and octogenarian Raquel W amazed us all in her energetic performance in the Heart of the Beast Theatre’s play “Between the Worlds,” which we attended as a group.

This year, our meeting created an allergy-free cookbook and sold a number of copies in support of the Friends for a Nonviolent World fundraiser in December. Special thanks goes to Raquel W and Lyn E, who collected recipes and artwork from individuals in the meeting and assembled the book. They intend to add more recipes in the future and enhance the book. This project reflects the conscious choices we make for food, health, and environment.

PHFM always was and still is actively involved in social justice and environmental issues. In April we drafted a minute deploring the use of drones. It was sent to the President and Senators and Representatives. In October, our Spiritual Nurture Committee drafted a minute regarding the procedure for a Meeting for Affirmation of Marriages conducted previously under the care of another meeting, which was sent to NYM, in case it would be useful to other meetings.

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