Sand Ridge Worship Group State of Society 2014

Our worship group is small and averages about six attenders on a semi-monthly basis (we meet on the first and third First Days of the month). We gather in the living room of Brian and Agnes in the woods outside Black Earth, Wisconsin. Due to our size and location, we find that two themes resonate through the time we spend together as a community in worship.

The first is that we are personally affected by each joy and sorrow of our members. Since our last report, we have lost one of our members (Patricia Monaghan) to a long-term illness, seen two others (Kriss H and Paul G) married under our care, and nurtured our youngest member (Sam E) as he spread his wings and left the nest for school out East. We have also coped with the challenges that come with caring for aging family members. These events drive home the message that life is a series of constant changes, seen even in our small group.

In contrast is the steady but no less dramatic presence of nature. When we gather in silence with each other and with the Spirit, spoken messages are rare. Instead, we find that the sounds and sights of woods around us and the varied life it supports enter into our beings as special gifts as we listen with hope, acceptance, and patience. Many days, the stillness is only broken when we rise and greet each other, and enter into a cherished period of sharing over refreshments (which are their own special gifts!).

Statistical Report – May 1, 2014
Total number of members and attenders: 12 (already included in Madison Monthly Meeting Statistics)

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