Sand Ridge Worship Group State of Society 2015

Sand Ridge Worship Group
State of Society Report

Our worship group is small and averages about six attenders on a semi-monthly basis (on the first and third First Days of the month). We gather in the living room of Brian Evans and Agnes Kanikula’s home in the woods outside Black Earth, Wisconsin.

Our worship space is a special gift where we are able to share our silence with the contributions of wide variety of birds which flock to the feeders on the house’s deck. Likewise, we are regularly visited by the house’s feline denizens Oliver and Hazel, who are often moved to share their joys and sorrows, and to partake of worshiping laps.
It has been a year of transition and attrition. Agnes’s parents Peter and Violet Kanikula moved to the area to be closer to their children as they could no longer take care of themselves. Her father passed away this year and Agnes’s mother now lives with them. As a result, Mom now joins us for worship. Agnes has been grateful for the steady presence of the worship group in her family’s life during all these changes.

Neil Skinner, husband of Meg Skinner (both of whom are attenders), also passed away this winter.

Statistical Report – May 1, 2015
Total number of members and attenders: 11 (already included in Madison Monthly Meeting Statistics)

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