St Croix Valley Friends Meeting State of Society 2015

Stillwater, MN

We continue to be a small and active meeting with few changes in the past year. Notable events have included a moving Christmas gathering with carols and sharing which included numerous Friends who no longer regularly attend, a (small) canoe outing and potluck, regular worship (with fourth First Day frequently devoted to worship and discussion around a topic (for example, in February we studied notable African American Women in US history with accompanying stories and song,) music monthly prior to meeting for worship, a summer and Christmas song gathering, and sometimes adult forum following worship. We are trying to respect the size and limitations of our meeting while remaining active and interested in what is current and of joy and concern in the world.

We very recently lost another founding member of our community Mary Kassera after a long illness. We have mourned her absence from the meeting for years and mourn her death in February with fond and loving memories of her generosity to all, especially to the children in our meeting over the years. We miss her.

We have welcomed several visitors to the Meeting including one Friend who has become a frequent attender. She has enriched our Meeting. We continue to meet at Boutwells Landing, the Presbyterian home in Stillwater.

One innovation of note is that for our occasional programmed meeting on a topic, we have concluded our worship with a simple meal provided by one of our attenders/members. A collection of thanks is taken and the proceeds go to a charity relating to the topic, most often a Quaker organization (QEW, FNVW, etc.) but also to the local food shelf.

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