Westside Worship Group State of Society 2015

Westside Worship Group
2015 State of Society

This was a year of changes for our Westside Meeting, beginning with the “retirement” of our dear de facto clerk, Becky Evans, who found her house too much to manage and moved to an apartment far enough away so she cannot always be with us for Meeting for Worship. It has taken several of us to manage all the tasks she performed. Our very loyal and reliable door opener and room arranger also has had to lay down that role for a time, at least.

Health issues have been a concern among our members this year, ranging from the minor but annoying to the very major indeed. As I write this we all seem to be at least heading toward recovery and good health, but our fellowship and our Meetings for Worship have involved a lot of care, concern and “holding in the Light.”

On a cheerier note, we have rallied around, and the need to take on the tasks we had relied on others to do for us for so long has made us realize how much we value our small Meeting and want it to continue. We have had several convivial pot lucks, discussions, and a joyful Christmas party and carol sing, which bind us together with ties of love.

2014 was not the easiest of years for us, but as we ended it singing Christmas carols together we realized that while our Meeting is fragile it is also resilient and we look forward with hope. Please hold us in the Light.

Submitted by Polly Edgar for Westside Meeting

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