Children and Youth Programming

The Children and Youth Committee of Northern Yearly Meeting focuses on offering Quaker enrichment opportunities outside of Annual Session for our beloved youth. We welcome you and your family to join in all of the exciting opportunities we have for young Friends to let their Light grow and shine throughout the year!

HIGH SCHOOL RETREATS. The NYM High School Coordinator works with the High School Clerk Team to run several weekend retreats for High School teens throughout the year.

MIDDLE SCHOOL RETREATS. There are also weekend retreats each year for Middle School teens (grades 6, 7 and 8) that are run by the NYM Middle School Coordinator.

CAMP WOODBROOKE. Camp Woodbrooke is a summer residential Quaker camp right in our own backyard, in Richland Center, Wisconsin. We believe that Camp Woodbrooke is a valuable experience for our young Friends ages 7 to 15. In fact, it is considered so valuable that we want to make sure every child in NYM has the opportunity to go to Camp Woodbrooke, regardless of their financial situation. NYM provides scholarships so all NYM children that want to attend Camp Woodbrooke can do so.

In addition to sponsoring these opportunities, the NYM Children and Youth Committee works on facilitating the sharing of information on Quaker youth issues across all of our Monthly Meetings. We host several forums on our Web site: We hope you will go there both to learn and to share your experiences with others.

FIRST DAY SCHOOL. This is a place for First Day School teachers from Monthly Meetings in NYM to share ideas on curriculum, resources and other news. Find out what curriculum has been tried in other Meetings, and how it worked for different age groups. Get ideas from small meetings that face the challenge of teaching FDS to a wide range of ages. Learn about resources, particularly Friends, who are willing to offer their special talents to enrich the FDS experience.

BEST PRACTICES. Here is where we archive the policies and best practices that have been developed in NYM and other places to help youth events run safely and smoothly. You can learn what a KAP is (Kindly Adult Presence), or review the NYM Child Safety Policy, along with similar policies from Monthly Meetings. This is where accumulated wisdom is gathered on the best practices to use to host youth events that are fun and enriching for all participants. Sample copies of forms that can be used to help the process are also available here.

If you want to get notifications of upcoming retreat dates and information on other current NYM youth issues, you are invited to join the NYM_FDS listserve. You can receive an e-invitation to join this e-mail group by contacting Mary Klos at

For more information on any of these topics, go to

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